A Journal of Our Waking Life, from Inside a Dream

What if, in one thousand years’ time, a future descendant came across your mud-covered dream diary in a cave. What would they make of the life of this primitive or ‘modern-age’ being? Would they find our dreams and our interpretations of them (if they’re included), fanciful and merely reflections of an age of materialism – place it in a stone circle and set it on fire to stay warm, or would they truly be captivated to have a book that reflects the many facets of our experiences traversing the universe(s)?

Copyright: Daniel J Taylor 2021

One common bit of good advice from avid dreamers is simple: keep a dream journal. Yet, tracking dreams is one thing, but should we not also record some, or all of our waking life experiences too; and perhaps record parallel, past, or future consciousness, if they present themselves to us? Could we keep journal records for experiences initiated by hallucinogens and deep meditation to add to this? Should we really trust our infallible minds to record the consciousness(es) of our waking lives to memory and limit our diaries to what we only experience with our eyes closed?

We do not only keep a dream journal because we forget our dreams. We do so to look for patterns between them and our waking lives; we seek to learn about ourselves, others, the physical and spiritual world around us, and to grow, heal, and experience things that we may not otherwise be able to in the waking realm.

Oftentimes, we forget our waking lives wilfully, subconsciously, and even physiologically. On other occasions, dreams may be more memorable than in waking life. Dreams of another dimension or a different point of consciousness can seem more real than brushing your teeth two days ago! Sequential dream ‘memories’ of a separate life can appear to emerge when we sleep that can easily be forgotten when we wake (see article below). We do things that make sense in the dream, but when we wake up, the expeditions that we went on can seem otherwise random and distant. The relationship between the dream world and the waking world can be a multifaceted process of ‘reality’ making.

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Why do we keep dream journals that include lucid dreams and astral travel experiences, but at the same time, neglect wakefulness like it is a known addition? After all, don’t many dreamers and a growing number of scientists and philosophers believe that we are hallucinating what we see in front of us, and that what we experience through our senses may not even exist, is in God’s mind, or is mostly empty space between atoms? Lots of groups and individuals have experienced strange waking life occurrences that have been labelled synchronicities, or have walked through life lucidly, as if it were a dream, allowing the world around them to bring guidance. Just like a dream, we must translate waking life events. So, if life is but a dream, why do we not record our journey down the stream of life?

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Personally, I like the idea that our future descendant will find a complete journal of life, rather than simply a log of our dreams.

I admit that too much information can be time-consuming and presents pressures to be more selective (and subjective) in the information we choose to record; but why must we only talk about the dark when there is also light, an owl without the trees, or an Octopus without the Sea.

If only we could add more depth to these records and keep a diary whilst we slept, reflecting on the waking world from another point of consciousness.

Has anybody ever tried to consciously write down a diary reflecting on their waking life whilst in a dream?

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Thanks for reading and God(s) bless!

Dan, aka Dream Prophecies

If you want to wake up, go to sleep

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Copyright Daniel J Taylor 2021


One thought on “A Journal of Our Waking Life, from Inside a Dream

  1. Dan, thankyou, you’ve supplied much food for thought. I dream of and visit my past Ancestors often, but have only been partially successful dreaming of future Ancestors. I’ll keep trying and use your insight as a springboard.

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