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Hello Dreamers!

I have recently been very busy visiting a site from a dream. When I arrived to the location a new dream started; one where I was awake but the world around me took on dream form. Sometimes I feel that I live so lucidly that my dreams mirror waking life and my waking life mimics dreams. Living someone else’s life, experiencing their point of consciousness in my dream as if I am awake, and living my own waking world as if it a dream when strange synchronicities arise and bring dream characters along for the ride.

These trips usually take a lot of energy from me and I usually need a few days to recover and it has been no different this time around.

My trip to location X was so bizarre that I do not even know where to start! In my dream I chased a basketball down a hill. Then I walked on further to discover some other landmarks.

When I arrived at the location in waking life I found that basketball in the woods… it was not hard to find because a cat was standing by it looking at me! I took a couple of snaps of it on my phone to document the regular brilliant weirdness in my life.

After a second dream I went back to this place. When I got off the public transport and walked to the area, a cat was standing in the middle of the pavement starring at me. I took my phone out to take a picture but this time it ran off towards the area I was searching.

When I got around the corner to this location two men were there. Their friendly dog had run up to me and they worried I’d be bothered by it, but I was very happy to see this smiling dog. It was a great meeting. One of the men had a hell of a story to tell that linked into my life; an interesting synchronicity. A few moments later one of the men pointed out two deer metres away. He told me that they had never seen deer there in 15 years of walking in the area!

It was a good omen.

More to come!

Thanks for reading and expergisci (awaken)!

Dan, aka Dream Prophecies

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