Awakening and the Meaning of 1111 – The Universe Speaks.

When I started regularly seeing the numbers 1111 wherever I looked, at first I thought it was a bit strange. When it kept happening day after day – in my half awake daze, seemingly everywhere I looked the only thing that stood out from the world and seemed alive were the digits 1111. My awakening had begun.

I found out that when seeing these combinations in a repetitive and meaningful way these digits are called Angel Numbers. Angel numbers are a sign of awakening and spiritual transformation. Others have described that the numbers signify you are on the right path, or that they are signifiers for enlightenment and insight. The numbers are what has been called a ‘wake up’ call from the universe.

I have  tried to understand why I began seeing Angel Numbers, or messages from the universe.  At the time I began seeing them I was going through quite an unhappy period of life, trying to make sense of a world which most people did not see – one where conspiracies, such as the 9/11 attacks, dominated, one where my commute to work was draining, and the job I did was demeaning and unfulfilling. I was studying death squads in Colombia and South America at the time, and although I found teaching quite fulfilling, it was a lot of pressure studying a PhD at the same time as working full-time elsewhere and dealing with the apathy of many people regarding these state sponsored killers. I believe many people see 1111 when they are suffering in some way – and a few may unfortunately suffer much worse than my own indifference and apathy for life at that time.

I recall helping an injured pigeon and bringing it back to health in our house. I remember that I’d help homeless people by making them goody packs and bringing them warm clothes. But I was most certainly not perfect at this time as well and, though not an alcoholic, sometimes enjoyed a drink!

It took one last event for me to finally Google what 1111 meant.

After getting on regular commuter trains at the height of seeing 1111 in my life, the carriage I was on suddenly stopped in a tunnel. As we all waited for the train to start moving I looked out of my window and to my surprise I saw a white sign on the wall. It was sign 1111  of a sequence of such signs along a pitch dark tunnel – and the only person who had visual access to it was me! I laughed inside. The world was screaming at me. It’s as if the whole world conspired to show me that sign. An elaborate scheme of universe shaping to get me to that very sign at that exact moment. The amount of synchronisity that must have been involved was truly mind-blowing.

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I believe Angel Numbers must be God’s work because of the level of synchronisty involved. The world/universe/simulation (if you prefer) seems to bend around you. So when I saw that sign I wanted to laugh because somebody/something had seemingly gone through so much effort just to get that old dirty sign in front of my eyes. However we see 1111 and other Angel Numbers, it is clear that to synchronise to a point in the future, to create a special moment in time, the future must be known by the Maker.

When you start to see the signs they will be more meaningful than simply waiting for a clock to turn 11:11 from 11:10. You will be out in a busy street and the world around you will seem like a blur. Then, out of the blue, your head and eyes will fix on a street number 1111, or a bus number, or clock. When your eyes fix on it the world seems to vanish. It’s just you and the 1111. The 1111 that is playing with you and gently mocking your pain!

It was around this time that I began receiving dreams about missing people. Despite the gloom, the dreams and angel numbers have given me hope and faith – I hope they will do the same for you too.

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Christmas can be a hard time of year for some people who may have lost loved ones or who might be lonely. If you are one of these people, know that you are not alone.

God bless.

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