Interpreting Your Own Dreams for a Better Future – A ‘Radical’ Approach

This article was originally published on >>>> The Echo World (January 2021 Issue)

Whenever we have dreams that we want to decode one of the first ports of call is often Google or other internet search engines. We type our search term, such as ‘Dog meaning in dreams’, and hope for the best in a kind of dream Russian roulette. How can we trust the answers that arise from such searches, and where do these results originate? What if sometimes, by using this type of symbolic approach, we’re completely barking up the wrong tree? What if symbols in dreams do not always point to what we find in Google searches or well-researched dream bibles, but to our everyday lives, or, more controversially, the lives of others. Could our dreams occasionally show us the future, the names, locations, past and present lives of missing people? I believe that we are being spoken to in our sleep and no one is listening – I believe in ‘radical dreaming’.

Our dreams can be symbolic in traditional ways and there are many important meanings for them that can be drawn from online resources and other traditional and ancient sources too. Yet, you can be your new favourite dream interpreter. When strong symbolic images appear in your dreams, ask yourself; what does this symbol mean to me and my own life? What do dogs mean to me, for example? Perhaps you were scared of them as a child and maybe you still are, and the dream relates to a fear of something in your life? Or maybe, you see dogs as more loyal than people, and they represent your own desire for trustworthy relationships. How ever you personally perceive them may be the key to interpreting your dreams. Remember, whether dreams are created inside our own psyches or sent from above, if you were the only person left on Earth – you’d still dream and be able to interpret them! There are other ways of interpreting dreams too…   

Going Deeper Underground

The main parts of your dream can be a massive sideshow to the crucial pieces of information that are really being shown to us. You’ve heard of a ‘dream inside a dream’ or ‘dream levels’, but have you heard of a double-dream? A double-dream is a dream that appears to be about one thing, but is actually about something else as well or altogether. It could be an amalgamation of things that you experienced in your waking state, but with a deep hidden meaning and a layering of information. It is essentially having two dreams at the same time, often without yourself even realizing afterwards.

To take one example, you could have an emotional issue with a friend which is shown in the dream, but other elements in your dream may also point out that the name of your friend itself is the important ‘dream clue’ that the sender of your dream (God(s), Angels, Spirits, etc) wishes to get across. Their names may simply be symbolic – so don’t worry about something necessarily happening to that friend or celebrity you saw get hurt in your dream (unless it is highly intense!). But here is an idea that is even more radical: your friend’s name in that mundane dream you had could help you determine the name of a stranger that needs your help! The surnames of friends and celebrities might even help you find a street name. You may simply be looking for Taylor Street, where a person may be found in the waking world, after seeing your old school buddy Dan Taylor in the dream. Sequential dreams can also hint that your friend’s name is not what it seems. You could see a forest in two dreams in a week, with one of them containing your friend. But your friend’s name may be showing you that you need to go to the forest near Taylor Street for example. This is why looking back over a dream journal is helpful.

Recurring and sequential dreams can often help clarify information passed to you. I once dreamt of a ladybug and knew it to somehow be a significant dream element. At first, I saw it as a spiritual totem until I had a second clarifying dream that told me that the actual message the dream wanted to convey was not a ladybug, nor the word ‘ladybug’, but ‘ladybird’. This showed me that the word ladybird was important and had a specific meaning in relation to something in the external world. The dreams were linked by their unusual nature through depictions of a tiny bird and an extra minute ladybird. Unravel your dream code!

Distinguishing Everyday Nightmares from Prophetic Dreams

We often have symbolic dreams that show disasters and other scary situations. For example, I dreamt of a nuclear explosion in Liverpool, UK, where I lived at the time. I watched on from a neighbouring city, Chester – little did I know at this stage that I would be temporarily ending a phase of my life in Liverpool and moving to Chester a few months later in my waking life. The nuclear blast signified the end of one phase of my life and the beginning of a new one. Such dreams can be frightening to the uninitiated. But one pattern I’ve noticed concerning such dramatic dreams which turn out to be literal and that may affect the political and emotional landscape of a nation, is that it is made clear in our dream through stark symbols at the start of a dream that designate it as something different, or what I call a standout dream.

For myself, when I dreamt of the London and Manchester terror attacks before they occurred, I first saw the dream events unfold on a television screen. What is more, the dream had a heavy and very real feel to it, set apart from other dreams; it was quite terrifying. In a similar fashion, the dream prediction of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by his former tutor, Bishop Joseph Lanyi appeared as a standout dream. In the dream Joseph opened a letter with a black seal and border that was from Franz, and in it was described by him his imminent death along with his wife, with a picture showing crowds and two (not one) men emerging from a crowd and killing them. The letter, a common mode of communication at the time, like my television viewing screen, framed the dream as being set apart from more symbolic types of dream. The First World War was about to break out.   

In his waking life Daniel J Taylor edits the Elite Power Investigations Centre. He attended The Arthur Findlay College in London, where he studied mediumship. His most important education however occurred whilst sleeping! He writes about his dream experiences at and The Echo World. You can contact him at and follow him on Twitter and Instagram. God(s) Bless. 

Copyright © 2021 Daniel J Taylor


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