Have you been having similar dreams?

Here I outline a series of strange dreams that I’ve experienced and give my own interpretations of what I think they mean.

i) Invited to New York for flight. It was a British Airways plane. Then I am somewhere else watching nuclear explosion on television. Explosion is linked to the plane. I assume the explosion must be in New York.

See image of Eiffel Tower. See numbers and letter which I think I forgot – but recalled as 8, 2 4B.

ii) Apocalypse begins. Starts with an explosion at a petrol station. Trump flies to Russia to safety (bare in mind I didn’t believe he had unusual Russia links). He has deceived the world and is only one with nuclear codes – America is trapped. Nuclear explosion occurs in America. I am in a building that topples as fighting breaks out in UK.

iii) Trump is humiliated on public stage by man of Latino decent as he unplucks his shoulder pad on his suit for everyone to see it is only cheap. We all wait in horrified anticipation of Trump’s response.

Interpretation: I had recently had a dream where I put on a Donald Trump mask. As nuclear explosions usually signify an end of some period of my life, these dreams may have foreseen that I would split up with my Parisian girlfriend and begin a new relationship with a girl who originated from Russia.

The Latino dream may have foreseen my efforts to work on my South America focussed PhD project. I had not been able to work as much as I’d have liked on this project. This led to a fairly bad presentation at the end of the year.

Concerns: Usually when I dream of a television screen events usually happen in reality. New York and the seat numbers are all quite mysterious. Additionally, Trump has recently pulled out of a nuclear arms agreement.

Image from http://www.beforeitwasnews.com

Copyright © 2017 Daniel J Taylor


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