REVIEW: Dreaming and the Secrets of the Incas

Michael Peter Langevin’s book about his learning and experiences in Peru shows us how dreaming has become a lost art in the ‘civilised’ West.

His book, Secrets of the Incas – A Modern Approach to Ancient Ritual and Practice, demonstrates that history has not been kind to dreamers, but that we as dreamers have immense power if we reattach ourselves to this very real and spiritual realm.

I find it very reassuring to uncover others who see that Freud has been one of this Age’s great deceivers, and I find it also very fascinating to discover the teachings of the Incas placed within this more contemporary context.

Michael Langevin notes that: ‘We Westerners, with all our Freudian grasping at the essence of ourselves, would be well served to examine this Incan example of dream work.’ (p.134).

Michael shows us how he is aware that dreams are more than what we have simply been told in all our time spent in compulsory education, consuming the media and being saturated in today’s society.

To him dreams: ‘…can be a digest of our day. They can be messages from our subconcious. They can be messages from dead relatives, friends, or other entities. We can astral travel in our dreams. We can experience lucid dreaming, when we are awake in our dreams.’ (p.135)

He adds that we seem to lack the necessary tools to interpret dreams which have nearly been lost to time:

‘Dreaming is a tool that is available to all, but few of us chose to practice, learn to control, or utilize these powers.’ (p.141).

His words remind me that we are all in a spiritual battle against a soulless few who have created a system that wishes to produce slaves and automatons of us all.

Importantly, he asks: ‘Is the evolution of Western society dependent on crushing the most powerful tools humans have-our imagination?’ (p.141).

These points to me are incredibly poignant, as I have dreamt of a bleak future. One where fire and flames line our paths. One where bird cages replace the invisible cages of today’s world.

We need to take heed of the war on our physical and spiritual freedoms before it is too late.

Crucially, he makes clear that fear will not help us develop spiritually and will only hinder our path. To remain positive and to laugh will help foster our shields in this fight.

As Langevin beautifully points out: ‘The Incas knew the true power of dreams. Humanity flows through history between material identification and a clear insight that the material world we reside in is but a dream. Or, to paraphrase the old children’s tune, “Row, row, row your boat gently down the Amazon. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.”‘ (p.134).

Langevin, M. (2002) Secrets of the Incas – A Modern Approach to Ancient Ritual and Practice. New Jersey: New Page Books.


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