REVIEW: Don Juan and the Art of Dreaming

Working in academia allowed me to view first hand how many people in this world can be more concerned about their careers than in helping to improve the lot of humanity. This can be seen clearly in how ideas can be stifled through having to concern ourselves so strictly to the referencing system, that whilst useful for verifying information, the process stamps ownership on ideas that belong to the people of this earth. Of course, there are many great and phenomenal academics, but I learned quickly that people are usually more concerned about appearing right and clever, than actually being right. The story about the trip of a Spanish academic to meet a wise Indian man in Mexico opens our eyes to a non-material world in which we find a man, who is often so sure of himself and the world, severely challenged and at the mercy of a ‘Separate Reality.’ TBC…

Copyright © 2017 Daniel J Taylor


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