A Dream Diary – Interpreting Dreams

Why did you dream of that Actor or Actress? Keeping a dream diary and looking beyond Freud may lead to some unexpected answers.

Have you ever wondered why you had a dream about an unusual actor or actress who you never had much care for? I’m sure you may conclude that this may simply be random; based on something you may have subconsciously picked up throughout your every day life. Yet, what if this actor’s or actress’s name is being used to send you a message? A name of someone in your life past or present, or perhaps future. Maybe the name might remind you of, or guide you to, a location – street name, building or country. Maybe there is something for you to find that may help you or someone else.

Try to analyse your dreams differently. They are not always literal, but in code.

I started writing a dream diary in March 2017 after I had a strange and slightly unpleasant dream. Logging my dreams each morning, I came to realise that they have a deeper meaning.

Some dreams: I dreamt of a girl I know and then saw someone that looked exactly like them. This would not mean much without the fact that this stranger was someone I saw late at night in the park, the very exact place and spot I had dreamed of seeing her the week before.

I dreamt of a man buried in a stream, I could see his shoes and jeans. I went to the location and found a burnt shoe sole in the precise spot – no where else did I find a shoe along the entire stretch of stream.

I see an image of a friend, they visit my city the next week.

I have a dream someone I don’t know is in my flat – they have been through my private belongings and opened my post. I was furious in my dream. The next week my letting agency allow an electrician to enter my premises without permission. They open a drawer to access a circuit board and come across my personal belongings. I am livid!

Lastly, I had a really frustrating dream about being late on a train. Again and again I felt lost. If I hadn’t have had this dream I’d have certainly missed my train to London the next day as I just caught it due to cutting things out of my morning routine I’d have ordinarily done. This dream guided my future.

These dreams are the tame ones I have had. I have alluded to some of these dreams already in past posts, but I will outline the others in future, as they are still developing stories or dead ends.

Some themes for my dreams include:

Nuclear explosions – mean the end of something in my life.

Missing people.

Please send me any stories that you have as I’d love to hear about your prophecies and visions that have come to be or that have helped you on your life journey!

Copyright © 2018 Daniel J Taylor


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