NEWS: U.S. Pastor Correctly Predicts Through Dream Significant Meteor Strike in Michigan?

A preacher in Downriver, Michigan, claims to have correctly prophecised a major meteor would impact the Great Lakes region.

Rick Satterfield, described in a Youtube video how he had received a dream that foretold him of an impact from space that would shake Ohio and Canada.

“I had a dream that a meteor was coming to the Great Lakes, and it was going to hit Michigan.”

The prophetic video was made on the 31st of December 2017 and the next month a major meteor strike occurred on the 9th of January.

The meteor’s impact occurred at 21:15pm and could be viewed from Canada, shaking houses as it roared across Detroit.

The Pastor said that the impact would not harm anybody and would bring about a great awakening in the region where people from all religions would unite and work together.

He also correctly predicted that the meteor would land in Lake Michigan, as confirmed by the video below:

“It would start a revival that would go around the world.”

Pastor Satterfield said that God: “Was about to do something great in Great Lakes, Michigan.”

Pay attention to your dreams!

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