An Unusual Dream, an Unusual Finding (Part 1)

A series of dark dreams have led me to some unusual places to discover potential crime scenes. Yet, there is always a shadow of doubt about a crime having been committed as I have only found circumstancial, but seemingly strong pieces of evidence when my dreams are also considered. Here I outline a dream I had that suggested that a stranger was being held captive in a UK city, and the scene I found when I visited was quite disturbing.

As I believe that these dreams point to the real world I am going to avoid naming the city and showing the photos that I took at the scene.

In keeping a dream diary I have found new ways of unravelling messages and symbols from dreams using innovative technologies such as Google Street View to discover their true meanings.

In a series of short dreams I saw a celebrity. I used her surname to try to discover the crime scene that I viewed in the proceeding dream. This is usually the way my dreams work when I am snoozing.

Using my phone’s mapping and streetview, the surname led me to a street in a red light district. This is important because of the content of my next dream.

Here is an excerpt from my dream diary:

‘I am in a hotel/brothel. I am not there as a customer. The place is filthy – there is faeces or something in the lift (2 lifts [elevators]) – I jump out of it and look for another way. I think I’m looking for a toilet. I’m not sure if I’m tricked into it, or if I accidently stumble into it but I go down a shoot and find there’s no way back out. There is a room at the bottom with a prisoner/or dead man. I don’t feel trapped but like I can find a way out.’

[End of dream]

I head to the street as it has a tall building that may have an elevator. It also happens to be in the red light district. None of the other streets with a shared name with my celebrity had any tall buildings (for example, if the celebrity were Michael Jackson, I’d look up Jackson Street, Jackson Road, Jackson Avenue, and then use streetview to look for similarities in these streets to my dreams). So I booked my journey.

Once I arrive, I peaked through the window to see two elevators.

What is more, the lift on the right has a faulty panel above it, whilst the other lift seems fine and the light above it reads the floor number correctly (the lift in the dream that did not work was also on the right).

closed yellow elevator door
Photo by Martin Péchy on

I manage to gain access to the building (legally… of course!). Both lifts appear to work. I go up the stairs (‘another way’) to the top of the building. On my way up I see a pile of faeces in the stairway.

This again matches my dream and could be said to be quite an unusual discovery in itself.

At the bottom of the stairs is a door – strangely it has two locks on it.

I cannot gain access. There is no obvious bathroom in the building.

I pass my information (in a slightly different format!) onto crimestoppers. I don’t think anything came of it.

I would not think much of this dream if so many of my other dreams did not have such similar traits.

I will outline these patterns in my future articles.

Copyright © 2019 Daniel J Taylor


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