NEWS: Church in Ghana Sees Threat from ‘False’ Prophets

Prophets in Ghana a Threat to Church or National Security?

Church ministers in Ghana have attacked a perceived growing number of ‘false’ prophets in the country.

The Christian Council of Ghana spoke at a ceremony where they drew attention to several premonitions foreseeing the deaths of prominent political figures in the country, that subsequently never occurred in reality.

The Church gave itself credit for preventing chaos breaking out across the country as a result of these prophecies.

Reverend Dr Fayose then called on security forces to deal with these perceived threats caused by too much ‘religious freedom’.

Whilst the Church may have reason to encourage its own members to sing from the same hymn sheet, so to speak, it appears that they may perhaps perceive these prophets as threats to their monopoly over religious authority in the country.

What’s more, if we tie these prophets to groups that may act against the state in Ghana we might see that threats to state power could be linked to non-Christian people and perhaps most likely Muslims in order to persecute large groups of people with ideas their state’s ideological hegemony does not cater for. This could allow security forces to expand counter insurgency operations and pose a larger threat to many innocent people.

Additionally, those with ideas that support more worker rights in the country which business and financial elites detest, who may also hold unconventional views on life and spirituality, could additionally be linked in with these so called threats to national security. 

The Church should not be interfering in such matters or calling on security forces to become embroiled with what is considered wrong-thinking.

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