Faith in Dreams, Faith in God. The Struggles of a Reluctant Believer.

The time between  two seemingly profound dreams can often cause us to struggle. As we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, we begin to look and long for these profound signs to re-emerge and remind us that there is more to life and that the vague memory of our previous dream or miracle was not simply an anomaly but something more solid that can be held onto. All the meanwhile, we forget that the signs are all around us each day, shouting from the rooftops! The season 7 X-Files episode, Ortiz, demonstrates this exceptionally well.


One of the most terrifying episodes of the brilliant X-Files TV show phenomenon outlines how life interacts with us each day and shows us signs that God is always here. We just have to connect to it. 

Here is one of the most poignant quotes from the show:

REVEREND ORISON: “You stand as you do now, neither here nor there… longing… but afraid, waiting for a sign. But the signs are everywhere.”

“Everything has a reason, Scout. Everything on God’s earth. Every moment of every day the Devil waits for but an instant. As it is, it has always been. The Devil’s instant is our eternity.”

X-Files, season 7, Ortiz

This quote from a prison’s resident priest outlines the way that many of us feel each day. It is this constant longing that can sometimes drain us and make us forget the subtle yet powerful signs all around us every single day.

We are oftentimes shown such obvious signs that God exists, only for the time between these events to almost act like a desert, where we fall again into forgetfulness and spiritual-dehydration, longing to see the signs again and drink from the golden chalice. Almost greedily wanting to see more big signs, even though a little part of us whispers to us gently, amidst all of the struggles and stresses of every day life, that there’s a greater purpose.

The struggles may lead us to question the signs we saw, and to make us think that they might not have been signs at all – but simply illusions to help us make sense of an occasionally chaotic life. We say to ourselves: “I want to believe.”


I for one have found myself in this position. I ask myself about my dreams and wonder whether the many coincidences and links between them and waking life have been chance. Despite all of the overwhelming evidence and many developments, I still for some reason find myself questioning. I wait for cases to develop but they sometimes pass by so slowly. I thus wait for another big dream or sign to occur.

Then I become frustrated – and it is here where I begin to absorb my thoughts and feelings into the world around me, where I begin to see God’s delicate touch, God’s humour, and signs everywhere, like magnificent clockwork – yet mostly incomprehensible.

The stresses that we face can often make us look away from the daily signs that are around us – the hints at a greater existence. Remember to reconnect.

God Bless,

Dream Prophecies

Where every dream has a purpose

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Paintings by Francisco de Zurbaran


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