Seeing the Future Using Remote Viewing and Dreams

I recently completed work with a well-known psychic detective and had the opportunity to work on live missing persons cases. In doing so, I found that many members of the psychic group received ‘hits’ on pieces of information that were not known to the public. Nevertheless, I also found that there were many large misses [...]


Interpreting Dreams Inside Dreams

Hello Dreamers! For most of us, when we see the ‘future’ from our dreams unravelling in the present waking world it always feels like a revelation, even to some of the most seasoned prophetic dreamers. Yet, is it more of a revelation than if we were to see the past in our dreams? If we [...]

Dreaming Our Way to Love

Hello Dreamers! Dream droughts can be our psyche’s way of telling us to look inwards and to change something. We can choose to allow ourselves to heal, and to actively pursue this path, and, as a result, new energies and people can enter our lives. Over the past three months, I have experienced more healing [...]

Dreaming of Future Crime

We can dream to solve and predict some crimes. When we dream and an event seemingly matches the waking life of tomorrow, we should ask ourselves: - Are such events that I dreamed generally common? Just because I dreamed of a letter arriving through my door, it does not mean that it is necessarily precognitive when one [...]

Stop Looking at My Stuff in Your Dreams Part II

I don’t know if many of you will recall from a recent Hive post of mine somebody who told me to stop looking at their life in my dreams. The dream was about this man by a bed. He was acting threateningly after someone offered them biscuits. He had a weapon. I experienced this scenario [...]

Lucid Living, Waking Dreams

Can living lucidly connect us to the dead? Whispers in our ears in the hypnogogic or hypnopompic state, the smell of a deceased loved one’s aftershave on the anniversary of their death, or visions and conversations with them in our dreams? Many of us have experienced such phenomena. What if, somehow, these perhaps timeless souls [...]

A Shared Tsunami Dream

Recently a friend of mine told me that they had shared tsunami dream elements that matched my own. The most interesting was the bloody red tsunami aspect: The Wave and the Blood Here is another tsunami dream I had on the 14th of November 2021: Atlantic tsunami, Mexico, Europe and US We just had a [...]

Dream Prophecies – if you want to wake up, go to sleep. Episode 3 >>>>

This is the third episode of my NEW series about extraordinary dreaming, Dream Prophecies - if you want to wake up, go to sleep. This episode focusses on my own personal experiences with psychic dreaming - Can we experience the past and future consciousness of others? Can the dead speak to us in our sleep? [...]

Dream Prophecies – If you want to wake up, go to sleep. Episode 1 >>>>

Everything you need to know about extraordinary dreams. This episode outlines my prophetic dreams of the London and Manchester 2017 terror attacks and the start of my journey to better understand the nature of dreaming. Enjoy and please like and subscribe to my YouTube Channel! Dan, aka Dream Prophecies