The Psychic Detectives & Documented Evidence? Part III

Did a psychic detective help solve a missing persons case in Tucson, Arizona? In the third part of this series, we try to take a critical look at those that call themselves psychic detectives. The work of claimed psychic, Mary Ann Morgan, is showcased on the TV show Psychic Detectives’ episode Desert Rose – but did Mary simply intelligently guess her way through helping potentially incompetent police, or did she show true psychic powers? Read on and find out, then make your mind up for yourself!

An elderly couple, Taw Benderly and Lowretta Bowersock, visit Tucson for a holiday mini-break. But tragedy strikes after Taw called the police saying that his partner had gone missing. Taw told police how he had dropped his long term partner, Lowretta, off to do some shopping, yet when he later went to pick her up, she never came to meet him.

After initial police searches turned up nothing and cops could not find her on cameras in shopping stores, police began to believe that Lowretta may have been abducted, or could have staged her own disappearance.

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Lowretta’s daughter then contacted Mary Ann Morgan the latter of whom describes herself as a medium and clairvoyant (psychic seeing), a clairaudient (psychic hearing), and a clairescent (psychic sense of smell).

Remarkably, Mary Ann then sees in a vision that the missing mother’s house was under foreclosure. After this information was passed on to police, they found that the house was indeed under foreclosure, much to the surprise of the daughter who had originally contacted the psychic.

It seems clear here that this information did not pass from the daughter, the main point of contact, to the psychic. However, it is possible that this information could have been obtained after researching the address of Lowretta, and perhaps then asking around at neighbours’ houses or local bars. Nonetheless, this does not mean this is what occurred. It does indeed offer at least the possibility that this information could have been gained in other ways.

After going to where the missing woman was last seen – the mall, Mary Ann Morgan senses that there was a big argument at the couple’s home, and that Lowretta was never at the mall afterall.

The psychic claimed that Lowretta’s spirit wanted her to know that only lies and deceit were involved in her disappearance.

Having found that there were debt issues with the couple, it may be a reasonable presumption to conclude that perhaps Lowretta’s partner may be involved in her disappearance. The big leap however, was that Mary Ann noted that Lowretta had never left home and been to the town in the first place!

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Police then discovered that Taw’s alibi did not add up. He had previously told police that he had searched around the mall looking for his partner, but surveillance tapes showed he only went to customer services. This demonstrated that the psychic could be on the right track and that the partner, Taw was not telling the truth.

Taw then avoided cooperation with police, and when he did communicate, he gave only vague information that was of little use to the investigation. Police then searched Lowretta’s house and car but found no evidence of a crime having taken place. This may otherwise have put the psychic’s theory to the test, but she stuck to her theory that Lowretta had never left home and had been murdered there.

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Mary Ann Morgan then had more startling visions. She saw Taw wearing stripey jail clothing and believed that this meant he had been in prison in a different state in the past. Mary Ann also noted that he was going to the desert to get away and possibly kill himself. She feared that all of the information about the whereabouts of Lowretta’s body could be taken to his grave.

Police then conducted a background check on Taw and found he had been incarcerated. This seemed surprising – why hadn’t they carried this check out before? Yet, once again, the check proved another of the psychic’s visions correct.

Taw then killed himself in his garage by hanging himself, and seemingly confirmed to police Mary’s profound psychic abilities once more.

Could Mary Ann have guessed the possibility of suicide taking place? When people come under immense psychological pressure from police it may be reasonable to assume that in some cases this could push people over the edge – and to avoid capture, imprisonment or worse, they may take their own lives. It could be predicted that Taw, an old man, would quite possibly take his own life under these pressures, but nevertheless, he had spent some time attempting to convince police he was innocent, showing a willingness to continue his game of cat and mouse.

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Mary is then asked by police to visit the couple’s home. Once she arrived she immediately sensed that Taw had come from up behind Lowretta and choked her to death. Mary Ann then described how Taw moved Lawretta’s body to the garage.

Mary Ann then claimed to hear Taw in spirit, who she felt had not passed between the two worlds of Heaven and Earth. Mary Ann Morgan then outlined how she believed that Taw had told her Lowretta’s body was in the desert. Despite police having previously searched the house and turning up nothing, Mary Ann still believed a killing had occured in the house, and not elsewhere out of town.

Mary Ann also described how she heard kids playing, with a blue swingset and blue merry-go-round close to where the body would be found. She also saw cell towers, and ‘blue, everywhere.’ Mary then stated that the body was wrapped in thick black tarp. She thus went into a fairly large amount of detail about the crime and put her neck on the line by being more specific about the information she divulged to police.

Cops then discover that the suspect had used his phone near a cellphone tower close to a desert, but turn up nothing in their search due to the large area of land involved.

However, a major discovery is then made. Hikers call police and tell them they have found a body in the Casa Grande desert, Arizona. The psychic certainly linked the desert to the disappearance but seemed more vague here. Even so, what happened next would shock police.

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When police arrived to the crime scene they were startled by some of the large blue buildings nearby. Detective Landon Rankin of Pinal County Sheriff’s Office stated that there was a large hotel nearby to where the body was found: ‘…trimmed in blue, blue doors, blue roofs… blue shutters.’ The body was also found very close to a cell phone tower and was discovered wrapped in black plastic tarpaulin, just as Mary Ann had said.

All in all, the psychic’s descriptions were fairly accurate. Whilst admittedly some descriptions, such as blue being everywhere near the crime scene, were quite vague, the blue swingset and merry-go-round that were close by seemed to be accurate. Police stated that Mary Ann Morgan really impressed them and that the blue building seemed, at least to them, to stand out to cops right away.

After forensic tests, it was later confirmed that the body found belonged to the missing woman, Lowretta Bowersock. The autopsy also showed that she had been choked to death.

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Here we have yet another example where, after all facts are considered, a psychic seemed to be one step ahead of police and brought predictive information to a case. Not only this, the psychic held views contrary to the main theories held by police about what had happened to the missing woman from the outset.

Whilst some of the police investigating at times was not at its best, they successfully found leads that eventually put pressure on the murderer and helped identify and discover how Lowretta had been killed.

But it was the psychic who helped spur the police’s initiative and later brought hope of an afterlife to Lowretta’s devastated family as well.

Episode: Desert Rose 🌹

Hope you enjoyed this article! RIP Lowretta Bowersock 💓

God bless.

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