Deciphering Dream Sequencing

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Hello dreamers!

Sequential dreams give us more meaning and elaboration on past and present dreams, ensuring that sleeping visions that at first appear wholly symbolic in one way, might actually be symbolic in an entirely different one to what we originally thought. A recent revelatory event occurred in my life that got me thinking about the way our dreams work and about the methods I use to keep my own dream journal. I hope this post will highlight the importance of keeping some type of dream log, and also show that seemingly unconnected dreams may be sequential. These sequential dreams can also be found by making use of page numbers – and I will show you how!

I have been keeping a dream journal since 2017. The writing started off in the back of a notebook, so I kept a tradition of starting and numbering my dream journal pages from the back. More recently I have started to additionally log my dreams in digital form so that word searches may be used to find patterns across my dreams (thanks Troy!). I could search all of my written dreams about morpho butterflies for example without flicking through hundreds of pages of my physical books – saving a lot of time and energy. This helped me discover potential sequential dreams linked through such key words; these written dreams may share other commonalities between them, such as shared people, places and events.

Important numbers in sequential dreams

I dreamt I was at a train station or bus stop and a silent plane crash occurred in a city in the south east of London. As I surveyed the wreckage, I saw a number 43 on the tail, and felt the presence of another number – 65.

Now most people like myself with a mind orientated towards predicting events in the future may well have thought that a plane crash was going to occur in the waking world. Yet, I did not feel the intensity of the dream or other symbols warranted enough dream evidence to be labelled a prophetic dream. The dream was not in any way scary, there were no victims, and the silence of the event made the plane crash seem inconsequential. What’s more, I often dream of a television screen in my predictive dreams – which did not appear in this case.

I then had a eureka moment where I decided to look up pages 43 and 65 of my old dream journal which I was transcribing into digital form at the time.

On page 43 the first dream that appeared was about a hit that had been called on me. It involved a shop and I feared people had been sent to hurt me.

On page 65, the first dream also involved a shop. 5 men in their twenties were in my house and wanted to attack me. One of them was obese and had ginger hair. I am attacked.

It immediately became apparent that the two dreams related to a series of recent dreams linked to a specific location in the north of England that I sought more information over. I had been working on a case that involved a particular vehicle that was chasing somebody. In this series of recent dreams there were 5 men that were involved in some kind of gangland assassination attempt on me. All of the men were in their 20s, one of them was obese and had ginger hair.

Now I do not often dream of violence or have nightmares, and what is more, I rarely dream of ginger hair, let alone an overweight ginger man, or of 5 men; all in their 20s. These matches to me were more than simply coincidences.

Feel free to check out my website for more on the topic. Thanks for reading!

How do you know that you’re having sequential dreams?

Much love!

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Note: matching dream details such as number of people seen and particular appearances have been changed to give the case anonymity.

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