A Dream Shared is a Problem Halved

Not only can our dreams bring comfort to ourselves, but when shared, you may be amazed to discover that they might also help others in profound ways. Dreams that appear to lack meaning by themselves can gain their (perhaps intended) meaning from sharing them – a dream shared can be a problem halved.

I recall a recent dream about a friend that gave them and their family huge comfort during a distressing time. In the first part of my dream, I experienced somebody else’s consciousness and saw through someone else’s eyes. In the dream I was in a tall apartment complex at night and was worried about the lack of privacy as I peered through the large glass window panes. In the dream I walked around undressed, even though I believed neighbours might spot me from another building.

After sharing this first part of the dream with my friend, I did not think at the time that they would relate to it in any way, but they immediately connected with it. They had recently been in a friend’s high-rise apartment and were really concerned that people could see them because there were no curtains – yet they walked around any way. These past events were quite impressionable for them and they had discussed it with others.

It was as if I had somehow experienced their consciousness and their thoughts. This part of my dream acted as a trigger for recognition and connected to another segment of the dream which was the reason I had originally told them about it in the first place.

I explained to them that in a separate segment of the dream they had received bad news and hadn’t told me about it. I had also dreamed of advertising and words being used to make people do things. It was then that my friend told me that they had indeed received some very bad news and had been meaning to tell me about it. Stranger still, they said that this news was in relation to their brother – who works in advertising.

My friend then rang their brother and told them about the dreams and it brought them great comfort in a extremely challenging time.

Have you shared seemingly random dreams to find that they became deeply meaningful to another person after they were shared?

Thanks for reading!

Daniel aka, Dream Prophecies

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