Stop Looking at My Stuff in Your Dreams!

Hello Dreamers,

Can we receive information about other peoples’ lived experiences through their points of consciousness in our dreams?

In a recent dream of mine I believe I experienced some aspects of another person’s every day lived life – the matching details of the dream were astounding! In the dream I (the translation of ‘I’ here being – ‘they’) had just moved from their bedroom to live in another housemate’s room.

This housemate, who was moving out, had lots of shrub trays and a cat. The new room was at the front of the house and ‘I’ could hear the neighbours more than in my old one. I look at ‘my’ dream journal and see that the art is very exquisite. I have drawn many trees and forests and they look professional [much better than I can presently draw!]. There is a long reptile that I have drawn that resembles a dragon. I also see that I have drawn myself in the journal only this time it IS me – this person had drawn my face in their dream journal. Do I know them? Had they met me in a dream?

At one point in the dream, I lay on the bed and decide to watch my hypnogogic visions before sleep. I have a vision of a damaged house at the end of a street, then I see an odd-looking stream of blood with oversized cells that were purple. It moved like a river, and I travelled up it from above. It did not look entirely healthy.

I see or hear something I am unsure of – maybe a computer game called Life Force. I see words on the side of an object – some kind of computer game package. On the side written in a soft friendly font is the name VINCE. This then changes to something else – a couple of letters and some other characters with a gap between that I forgot.

When I wake up, I immediately Google if there was ever a computer game made called ‘Life Force’ and to my surprise there was one made before my time in the 1980s.

The computer game had originally been named Salamander and had a drawing of a reptilian dragon on the front [see centre photo].

In the game you travel in a spaceship and enter an organism’s body that has been infected by a bacterial disease. You travel through various parts of the body blasting bacteria and cells with antibodies in the same way I travelled up the blood stream watching it from above. Some areas matched my dream and were also purple. There are a variety of dragons in the game that you must destroy that matched the drawing I made in my dream-dream journal.

Yet, I was even more amazed by the information I had received the day before my dream. If you recall my recent post where my friend confirmed that I had experienced their point of consciousness, I had gotten into the (somewhat) bad habit of asking other people if my dreams matched their lives. Pushing this as far as I could, I thought I would ask someone who had lived in an old neighbourhood about a dream I had of them. In the dream I had been stabbed by this person, and most likely killed.

I described several details of this dream to the individual, who had strong connections to the criminal underworld. Some of these elements included the layout of the room and the positioning of ‘myself’ and themselves. I also described how they had stabbed me. They were taken aback and shocked at the matching details. I asked them if I was right and laughed when they did not answer – telling them that that is a definite yes. I gave more details and asked again if the layout was the same and they told me that yes, what I had seen happened. They did not provide any other details.

When they walked away from me, they told me: “Stop looking at my stuff in your dreams.”

Thank you for reading and I hope this post will help others start looking at some of their own dreams in the same way that I do.

If you want to wake up, go to sleep.

Daniel, aka Dream Prophecies

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