Lucid Living, Waking Dreams

Can living lucidly connect us to the dead?

Whispers in our ears in the hypnogogic or hypnopompic state, the smell of a deceased loved one’s aftershave on the anniversary of their death, or visions and conversations with them in our dreams? Many of us have experienced such phenomena.

What if, somehow, these perhaps timeless souls of the dead can show us images from the past and future, locations of things in the present-day waking world? What if they did so with the help of synchronicity and other such phenomenon? Is there a hidden intelligence in nature and the world around us?

In the third episode of Dream Prophecies – if you want to wake up, go to sleep, I outline some extraordinary experiences in relation to such occurrences, and what I discover changed my life forever…

Here are a few tips that helped me unravel my own ‘dream code’:

– Look for sequential dreams that link through ‘dream markers’; shared symbols, people and places. I recently dreamed of a World War Two machine gun and realised that the dream related to another I had had several months back which additionally had the same machine gun that I had drawn – they also shared the same narrative. Without the easily recognisable imagery that I had drawn, the link would otherwise have been unrecognised and forgotten.

– Re-read your dream journal when you find the time – do this casually and lucidly as well. Sometimes, when we are consciously closer to the dream world, connections can be made more naturally.

– Draw imagery so that when you flick through the journal’s pages, you may more easily recognise and connect such dreams.

– Draw across two pages if you have too.

– Write down easily forgettable details first – even if a few words and numbers at the top of the page that you can weave into the dream as you write it out in full. Sketch easily forgettable faces too.

– Share your dreams with others – perhaps they will hold more clues that will bring answers.

– Understand that some parts of your dream can merely be a kind of ‘dream furniture’, that surrounds another important message.

– Number your dream journal pages – future (or even past(!)) dreams may show numbers that relate to dreams on those pages.

Enjoy the video and I hope some of these tips will help you!


Dan, aka Dream Prophecies (Insta and Tik Tok: @Dream_Prophecies).

If you want to wake up, go to sleep


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