Seeing the Future Using Remote Viewing and Dreams

I recently completed work with a well-known psychic detective and had the opportunity to work on live missing persons cases. In doing so, I found that many members of the psychic group received ‘hits’ on pieces of information that were not known to the public. Nevertheless, I also found that there were many large misses and some correct information about cases could be guessed from simply looking at photos of victims. What I found particularly interesting was the way that information from one psychic would match with another psychic’s notes, much like if we were to have a shared dream. But overall, I personally found that information received from perceived conversations in my head can be useful in some circumstances and entirely useless and unhelpful in others. There seemed to be little way to differentiate between correct and incorrect information. I felt that rushing in and asking questions in my mind about a case might not help, just is the case when trying to see the future in the same way. I wanted to find a method to gain hits on cases with a greater degree of accuracy.

I had a chance meeting with a customer in my shop, The Olive Tree, Liverpool, and discovered an application called RV Tournament. In the app, users are given the chance to psychically tune in to target photographs. Users are given a target number linked to an unseen photograph. Without having seen any photographs, users then draw and write down information they receive. After submitting their drawing and notes, they choose one of two photographs (the one which they feel is linked to their drawing from the target number which they were given at the start). They also submit their degree of certainty over whether they believe the photo corresponds with their psychic impressions. The next day users discover which photograph was the correct one.

One user I saw was in the top 3 all-time ranking list, and they also happened to have 7 correct answers in a row across a week – not a coincidence. I found that after selecting four correct images in a row, images from both photographs appeared in my mind before they were both shown; there are some good tips on the app to help overcome these issues that it states are quite common. The trick is, they say, to connect with your ‘future’ self so that you can pass the information back through time after you see the resulting image. You can see my drawings below and the photos they matched with.

There is much research on remote viewing that can be easily accessed online. Nevertheless, I would love for people to test out their own remote viewing skills by downloading RV Tournament app, enjoy it, and not get too hung up on rankings and hits/misses!

Thank you for reading – If you want to wake up, go to sleep!

Daniel aka Dream Prophecies


Note: Images at 50% confidence were selected before I learned how to slide confidence bar to 100%!


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