Why We Dream in Code? Part II

If dreams are our body’s own inner guide, or messages from God, spirits or other entities, then why the elaborate code and symbology when we could otherwise simply be passed the answers to all our life questions in our sleep without such code? This article is the second part of the series Why We Dream in Code? It will try to help us arrive at a better understanding of why we see dreams the way we often do and try to unravel what this and other mysteries of dreaming mean for the nature of the code. Learn how to become a dream code-breaker!

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Let’s face it: dreaming in code makes interpreting dreams more difficult!

Dreams can be a bit like politicians – they very rarely give us straight answers to our questions. Sometimes they like to elaborately dance around these questions so that they don’t make much sense at all! However, unlike politicians, our dreams may seem not to make sense, but when we interpret them in a different light and with an open mind to the world around us, they can make what we call reality seem that little bit more profound. As I like to say a lot here at dream prophecies: every dream has a purpose.

As dreams are in code it can be hard to know what they mean. We may not see any obvious meaning after an initial  first glance and we are therefore easily dismissive of dreams in general. The dream-code format doesn’t always help!

Attempting to gain greater insight into the enigma of the dream code and its implications will bring us closer to life’s truths, for dreams and waking life often overlap. The truth is out there, so they say, but also – inside of us, and in our dreams. 

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Even if we were the last (or first!) person on Earth, and no sages and guides existed to help interpret our dreams, we’d still dream in code

Dreams can often only be deciphered by YOU. No dream bible or guide can always tell us what they mean unless perhaps we were destined to read that particular interpretation at that particular time, or meet and speak to that particular guide at that particular moment. Trust thyself.

As useful as they can be, if dream guides and gurus always had such special knowledge, then why would we all have dreams in code? What if you were the last person left on earth – would you still dream in code? The answer is: of course. If no one else existed to guide you, the answers would still be there to be found for you – and for you alone.

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Dreaming in code is universal and offers hope to humanity

Dreams bypass language, they bypass nationality and difference. Symbols and the code can be universal. They offer hope for humanity. 

Everyone has them. From the most heinous person we know to the most righteous. From the people that rule the world, to the most powerless. From the President to the shoe shiner, we all dream in code.

Yet, how differently would we look at dreams if we hadn’t been indoctrinated about our dreams from childhood? Would we all have naturally come to a different understanding about our dreams without these strong societal influences?

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If dreaming in code is natural, why can’t we decipher dreams so easily?

Societal conditioning can also make us think that dreams are ‘random’ and ‘dirty’, and therefore too embarrassing or trivial to talk or think about. Conditioning can tell us that looking at dreams is even blasphemous. Let’s not forget for example that the importance of dreams was written out of the Bible in later translations thanks to one man! Considering these aspects of conditioning the code is not even worth looking at, and could even embarrass us!

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We can also often find ourselves too tired to even think about our dreams in the first place. Rushing to work on little sleep and poor diet, too much caffeine, and trying to focus on continuous multiple tasks does not help either. We need to review our dreams, mull over their meanings and consider what the codes mean.

The Covid-19 lockdown has shown us that many more dreamers awoke from their slumber because they moved away from these bad life-styles!

Nevertheless, despite more people remembering their dreams, trying to interpret them remains problematic for many. Oftentimes, we will not know their meanings right away or will miss them when we rush past the clues in everyday life. The world often screams at us in our sleep and our wakedness – but no one listens.

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Other factors can also contribute to cracking the code. The codes may be more easily broken by those who have true faith or who are more open to the magical world around them. This can also include those who do not have such rigid mindsets. But no one is immune from the power of dreams!

Dreams can help our lives, but sometimes we need a more spiritual moment to see the true meaning of our dreams and to help unravel the code. A moment of clarity, a connection with God, the universe, angels or spirit guides, perhaps (something we are all capable of) can all help this process blossom because it will make us forget and bypass all of the above impediments to the cracking of the dream codes.

Sometimes dreams themselves can open us up to a Separate Reality (as Carlos Castaneda called it). It is often during tough times, when we may ask questions about life and speak to God or the universe, that we have such strange and memorable dreams which draw our attention to themselves – or that trigger the above kinds of thoughts about life in the first place.

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Code in dreams can unlock the future to give us faith in the process and can be unlocked using the world around us

People most often think that premonitions about the future are to help save us from future calamity or to help save others. Whilst this may very often be the case, I believe that dreams could also be the dream weaver’s (God, spirit(s), angels and so on) way of saying; I’m here. The code can let us know that everything is and will be ok, and our suffering is for a purpose – however difficult things may seem.

Dreams can get us to stop and think about our lives. They may also be remnants or barely graspable fragments of an already lived future, passed back to this moment through time which might all be happening at once; past, present and future (See my article on serialism).

One of the reasons people fail to interpret the dream code correctly is that code and symbols in dreams may not always make sense until after the dream occurs when we see something in our waking lives that relates to them. Dreams cannot be understood on their own. Waking life must also be taken into account. Why? Because occasionally only waking reality can give meaning to our dreams, and only dreams can sometimes give purpose to otherwise innocuous and mundane life events – it seems then that the code shows that everything we experience on this Earth is meaningful.

Many people have premonitory dreams and do not even realise they’ve had them. They are given the clues and then they miss the waking life cues to know that their dreams have a purpose. Sometimes this is because they are oftentimes more asleep in waking life than when they put their head on a pillow and drift off. The clues are always there, and never often what we think. When we dream of friends or family for example, the people in the dreams may not actually refer to these individuals that we know, but others with the same name.

Last night I dreamt of a friend with the surname Bennett. In the dream I had to formally introduce them to people but forgot their names. One of them then introduced themselves as Karl Marx and handed them a copy of Capital.

Most people would dismiss this dream and perhaps think it was about their friend, or just something entirely random. Today I was pricing up books to sell on eBay when I came across a book by someone with the surname Bennett. The book was about Formalism and Marxism. The dream I believe was using my waking life to show me that everything happens according to a plan.

Therefore, it should be understood that not only are our dreams in code, but so too is waking life!

I hope you Dreamers enjoyed this article and it helped you think more about your own dreams.

Let me know what you think about the dream code in the comments below and follow me here or on Twitter and Instagram.

Plus stay tuned for part III!

Thanks from Dream Prophecies 🙂

Every Dream Has a Purpose


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