The Psychic Detectives & Documented Evidence? Part I

It is important to be critical when assessing information related to any missing persons case. Any evidence that comes our way should be thoroughly analysed, but always with an open mind to other possibilities. The same is true when watching the TV show Psychic Detectives. This series of articles will take a more critical look […]

It is important to be critical when assessing information related to any missing persons case. Any evidence that comes our way should be thoroughly analysed, but always with an open mind to other possibilities. The same is true when watching the TV show Psychic Detectives. This series of articles will take a more critical look at a range of proclaimed psychics and show why I think many of them are legitimate. This first part will outline and analyse the role of proclaimed psychic Phil Jordan in the missing person case of Judith Leo-Coney.

In Psychic Detectives people are often seen helping police solve murders and missing persons cases. They usually appear to lead police to crime scenes and evidence, and the locations of missing people. They have pointed the police to unlikely suspects who turned out to be killers, and they have occasionally known information about crime scenes that, in my opinion, could hardly have been guessed. Some psychic detectives have been shown to have given police accurate information, even if it did not solve the crime. It seems to be a regular occurrence that the information divulged by psychics is proven accurate after separate developments in cases occur. The information provided by psychics, along with the dedicated work of police, can occasionally help bring closure and sometimes acceptance for many families of victims.

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Psychic detectives employ a variety of ways and means to help gain information about missing persons and criminals. This can include through using dreams, visions, communication with spirits, God, angels or guides, through dowsing techniques, astral projection, psychometry (where touch is used to read energy from objects), remote viewing, and other forms of divination. I believe some psychics are much more gifted than others, whilst a few are most probably frauds.

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This leads me to ask a variety of questions whilst watching the show, such as: did the proclaimed psychic throw out so much nefarious information that at least one bit of information was going to be right? Could they have easily have guessed the murder weapon, injuries or location of bodies – how vague or precise were the descriptions?

Could the psychics have found out information on cases through simple research, for example, only 2 people may have gone missing from one place in the last 5 years making it easier for the psychic to appear to guess information about cases when it could be in the public domain, or available from speaking to people in local bars and so forth. I may also question whether police have given the psychics information about the case as the case has developed, allowing psychics to guess other aspects about a case too.

The first case in the series involves the 1979 disappearance of high-school teacher Judith Leo-Coneys, who disappeared after a trip from a routine doctor’s appointment. After a few years, the mother of Judy asked police that psychic Phil Jordan be contacted to help on the case. It is often after a case turns cold that police officers are more open to any source of help they can get, including proclaimed psychics.

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On the show, two police officers give interview evidence; Detective Dave Schmoll of the Shelburne Police Department, and Sgt Leo Blais from Vermont State Police.

Police believed there could be many reasons Judith could have disappeared that did not necessarily involve a serious crime. They close in on her current and past boyfriend but find little evidence of anything suspect that could link them to her disappearance. They believe she could have taken off with a lover or left to start a new life in another state.

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Police spoke to psychic Phil Jordan, who had previously worked on many investigations with cops. When interviewed, police were amazed to find Mr Jordan was right about some information related to the case. It was confirmed by police that he was correct when he stated that Judy had two people in her life and couldn’t decide which one to go with. She had made a list comparing her present and past boyfriend. This does not seem to be something so easily guessed! 

Mr Jordan also said that the education system had a strong link to the case, although it could have been known at the time that a 32-year old teacher, who dated another teacher at the school, had gone missing from the Shelburne area some years back. Yet, it is unclear how much information would have been publicly available on this case at the time.

Nevertheless, Vermont is a small state of around 600,000, whereas Shelburne itself only has a population of 7,775, according to the 2018 United States Census Bureau. This would make it easier to research missing persons cases before hand. That is not to say that this is what occured at all, but with any case it is important to bare in mind it is simply a possibility. What is more, there are few unsolved missing persons cases related to Vermont alone


Phil Jordan also saw in his visions the initial R., horses and split row fences. Police stated in the interview that they came across a horse riding facility 1/2 a mile before where the missing woman’s car was found, along with split row fences.

A note left with Judith’s car which was eventually found at a nearby junk yard was found, and was signed off by someone called R. Peterson, matching his vision of the initial R. This led police to describe Phil Jordan as: “…a pretty accurate reviewer of what was going on.”

I believe it is possible that Jordan had such visions. Nonetheless, such initials can often be superimposed over so many aspects of various cases and I believe these kinds of clues are largely useless and self-fulfilling clues. Yet, the initial was found to be on its own on the note, and this made the finding feel more significant than the usual lettered predictions that psychics often use.

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Looking at a map of Shelburne it is clear to see that it is a largely rural area and there is little doubt that various fences would commonly divide fields and walkways. Horses would also be quite abundant to such an area. The fact that the horse ranch was half a mile away does not seem too significant in my eyes, especially when you consider Shelburne is 45 miles across and that Vermont today has at least 25,000 horses in the area.


Jordan later has another much darker vision where he sees Judy being shot in the head then buried, believing it to be a crime of passion, seeing the ex-boyfriend of Judith, Francis ‘Frank’ Malinosky, who in the vision did not want her to leave him. In his impressions he saw her wearing a ‘blue gown vest’.

It was later found that the note left on the car by the mysterious R. Peterson, matched the handwriting of Frank Malinosky. Witnesses also claimed to have seen a man carrying a gun that fit his description. He was now the police’s chief suspect.

Frank fled the state and police obtained a search warrant for his daughter’s house and discovered a credit card linked to Frank that had been used to make a purchase of a ticket found in a shoebox. Additionally, Frank’s aliases had been discovered thanks to Sgt Leo Blais, who had uncovered that Malinosky had applied for a driving license in Utah.

After being arrested by the FBI and Los Angeles Police, Malinosky admitted to shooting Judy in the head and then burying her. He took police to the location in woods where they found her after 3 days. She was wearing a blue gown vest.

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Phil Jordan was again correct. Judith had been murdered in a crime of passion, had been shot in the head, and had been buried wearing a blue top.

These facts seem very important. Vermont alone can be seen to be littered with rivers and has a large lake where many could predict a body to have been dumped. Yet, Jordan believed her to have been buried.

The fact that Jordan had predicted her murder may not have been so significant, especially as it had been many years since she had been missing and there was still no sign of poor Judith at that time. It is also clear that in most states in America, shootings make up a majority of murders.

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It is evident from the Psychic Detectives show that police from local and state departments were convinced of the effectiveness of Phil Jordan as a psychic. However, some of the evidence was not particularly strong. All in all, taken together, the clues he offered and some of the information he knew; that this involved a love triangle, that Judith was buried, the initial R., and the blue top, seem to be quite convincing. Yet, it was mostly down to some great investigative work by local, state and federal police that the case was cracked.

Phil Jordan has often uncovered incredibly accurate information about crime scenes and missing people, and after my own experience of coming across supposed evidence of missing people, I know how tough it can be to pull together so many small snippets of information. It can be a frustrating task when you are acting with codes and symbols. Whilst I personally have found some very important dream clues, I have not discovered a missing person. Jordan’s work and his many successes will be outlined in this series.

R.I.P. Judith Leo-Coneys.

Dream Prophecies

Every dream has a purpose.


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