The ‘Dixie’ Dust

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Hello Dreamers!

I wanted to share with everybody here today the wonderful story of Dixie Yeterian. Dixie is a psychic who has been involved with many law enforcement agencies and helped find missing people right across the United States. She uses a variety of methods in her work such as psychometry (where objects linked to victims or killers are used to gain insights on crimes through the sense of touch), using her dreams, as well as astral projection to help crack seemingly uncrackable cases. Indeed, she was so successful at what she did that an underworld hit-man was sent to kill her – she was shot and stabbed by the killer, and then photographed in order to prove the planned slaying to his paymasters. Dixie’s visions were so accurate that she became a police suspect in one of her first cases, until authorities eventually found the murderer whom she had seen visions of all along. She also had a Satanic cult break into her own home as she hid inside. After receiving multiple threats, Dixie believed she would be killed for her work looking into missing children and publicly quit the psychic detective world to focus on spreading the message that we are all spiritual and powerful beings that must evolve here on this Earth.

Out of many of the psychic detectives whose books I have read and who I watch on various shows, Dixie along with a handful of others, such as Phil Jordan and Nancy Orlen Weber, appear to me to be entirely legitimate psychics whose work is difficult to dismiss – even with the most sceptical of eyes. Many of the shows that showcase Dixie’s and other psychic detectives’ incredible work also frequently interview law enforcement officials who oftentimes substantiate their claims. Nonetheless, some cases shown may simply demonstrate good guesswork, advanced criminal profiling skills, and the common sense of claimed psychics who oftentimes fill gaps in commonly ill-equipped, underfunded, and inexperienced local police forces. This is why I started my article series on Psychic Detectives – a sceptical take on some of their work.

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Sometimes, information that comes through from psychics can be vague; for instance, on one occasion Dixie Yeterian knew several bodies would be found in a place with a letter G in the name, in a shallow grave by a body of water – bodies were later found on Gilgo Beach. Without a doubt, fraudulent psychics could use false information to appear psychic; they put out so much information that one or two of the many pieces of vague psychic evidence may inevitably turn out correct amongst the sea of wrong ones. Yet, Dixie Yeterian has pulled up clues that simple educated guesswork or information flooding alone could not produce.

On one occasion she knew that a killer son had shot his Father from inside a house to the outside, that the victim had been shot in the back of the head, wrapped in a white bed sheet, had bled on a green carpet in a camper van, and would be found on a hill. The information was so accurate that when quizzed by police, the killer, shocked by what they appeared to know, admitted the murder. But the real deal breaker was that Dixie Yeterian knew that the killer had tied a green cloth around the neck of the victim – this was confirmed by police after they found the body.

Always be sceptical.

God(s) bless!

Dan aka Dream Prophecies

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