Seeing the future, ‘future’, a speculated construct, or seeing the past?

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Hello Dreamers!

I recently had a set of experiences in March that I found extremely difficult to classify as events that simply showed me the future. A careful consideration of the information in relation to previous dreams opens up some intriguing questions about the nature of seeing the future in dreams.

On the 7th of March 2021, I was shown in a dream some specific information in relation to a missing person. In my dream, which I entitled Room 98, I saw a white door. It was the last house/room at the end of a street and surrounded by white walls. The room was number 98. On the 26th of March I watched the second episode of the second season of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix entitled Death in Oslo. In the episode, a Jane Doe (unidentified female victim) gives a fake address to a hotel before being found deceased in 1995.

All of the labels had been removed from her clothes and zero blood spatter was found on her hand which held the gun that she was originally alleged to have killed herself with. When the investigatory team went to find the false address given to the hotel under her alias, the number did not exist; yet the last house on the end of this same street was house number 98 and it was also a white house. I immediately drew the connection between the three points of information and my dream. Looking back over my previous dreams, I also saw that I had dreamt a couple of slightly mundane dreams about someone called Jennifer on the 28th of February and on the 4th of March respectively, that I now believe to be symbolic for the alias that this stranger gave the hotel – Jennifer Fairgate.

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Extra information in my dream that was not in the show gave me the sense that the dream was showing me the past and/or a construct of the future, rather than showing me the future itself. Imagery was conveyed to me in my dream by something that knew or speculated about what I would see in the future episode (hence the imperfect imagery in the episode) and showed me past events that related to this future of me watching the show, rather than them showing me the show itself, i.e., the future! Perhaps the spirit(?) of the deceased or God(s) [insert your choice(s)], showed me this past symbolically and the timing of the future passing on of information via the TV show was known, or just a huge synchronicity that happened to occur within a close timeframe of when I dreamed the same information.

Was I being shown the images from my future symbolically by something with direct knowledge of it who had imperfect means of conveying the information? Was what I was seeing seeping through from my own subconscious within a framework where actual time does not exist apart from in our minds as a construct – i.e. serialism. Or am I connecting on a quantum level to particles in the future that may move backwards and forwards through time in a manner which science is scrambling to explain? If so, how would this explain shared prophetic dreams between individuals where precise information is selected during the same timeframe?

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In a similar fashion to the changing future/multiple futures theories, I dreamed of the London terror attacks in 2017 and I was not sure if the terrorists were going to use a van or a truck. It turned out much later that the men had hoped to hire a lorry but had to settle for a smaller van suggesting that the dream giver did not know the future for certain and may have been witness to the terrorist plans being made in their present and passed them on to me. The dreams might even have been passed to me via the consciousnesses of the terrorists. Likewise, the consciousnesses of the researchers or camera crew seeing house 98 in person could have also been relayed to me in this same fashion. Much food for thought… This post merely intends to get people thinking about the concept of time in dreams.

I hope that you have enjoyed it!

God(s) bless,

Dan, aka Dream Prophecies – If you want to wake up, go to sleep.

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