Dreaming of Future Crime

We can dream to solve and predict some crimes. When we dream and an event seemingly matches the waking life of tomorrow, we should ask ourselves:

– Are such events that I dreamed generally common? Just because I dreamed of a letter arriving through my door, it does not mean that it is necessarily precognitive when one arrives the next day – letters often arrive all the time. Although, perhaps the letter that arrives is one that has profound significance for your life, rather than being a simple bill or advertisement, which could make the dream more relevant to precognition, when linked with other details such as the timing. Nonetheless, it is possible that you had a precognitive dream about a mundane letter coming through – which is still amazing, but harder to gauge the truth over whether it was the future you saw in that dream.

– Have I had any conversations, watched any events, shows, or read any magazines or books that may have wound up in my dreams as day residue? – this may not only be limited to visual data, but also sounds, smells, touch, that could have filtered their way in.

– Am I stretching facts too far to make them fit? – you could test this by extrapolating the dream over other similar cases.

– Was the event predictable based on the history of the area, or other similar areas?

– Are there multiple details that are unpredictable that occur in the dream?

– Was the date of the dream somehow significant to waking life, occurring the day before, a year to the date, or 3 months or less in advance of the waking life event, for example?

– Have your dreams been repetitive and been linked by shared symbols, images and other sensory perceptions, that may shed light over other details of the future event?

– Do I often dream of such events/people/places/symbols, etc? You might dream of your friend Mike every week, and when something impactful happens to them in the waking realm, then it may just be a coincidence that one dream detail from 7 years ago matched with the waking life event.

– Do I regularly dream of the future? If you have a proven track record of precognitive dreams you could simply be more prone to such dreams.

Even if some of your answers to the above questions point away from precognition, it does not necessarily mean that your dream was not precognitive. Below I try to use the above questions to estimate the likelihood that a dream I had was prophetic.

A dream from the 27th of March 2022, entitled: The Blocked Entrances at Fox Street, where I felt upon waking that ‘I’ (I believe I’m just a messenger here!) had predicted the aftermath of some kind of crime in our building area.

I dreamed of a blocked entrance to my building block (Block B), where ‘work’ was being carried out. I linked this ‘work’ to crime and noted it down.

In the dream, residents of Block B could not access their front door entrances facing the carpark (we have two entrances and I often use the corridor entrance). For some reason, in the dream my front door was highlighted as being important and residents could not get into the main entrance at the side of the building. My key was on the outside of the front door by the carpark, whilst I was inside. Residents are angry and have to enter through other residents’ entrances. There was a nice guy who had black skin nearby, and I saw another neighbour. I describe some other characters who I don’t think live there.

In waking life on the 24th May 2022, a knife and crowbar attack occurred in the carpark where I lived. When I arrived to the flat, police blocked off the entrance to Block B (out of four possible blocks). I had to walk around and use the other entrance to usual, but I could not open my front door. The reason for this was because police put crime scene tape on my door handle and stretched it across the carpark (see photo), so I asked a female resident to let me in. They were annoyed at the situation and told me to go around instead because they didn’t want me to come inside the taped scene. I was told by police I could use the main entrance as work had finished. When I got to the entrance, I found there were specks of blood all over the floor from the attack, and a police forensics team had been doing work at that specific entrance. I hear that a resident who is black skinned and quite friendly had been attacked. Thankfully, they survived.

Brief Assessment:

– Crimes happen regularly – and they happen everywhere! There was a bit of crime in that area in the previous year but nothing directly in this apartment complex.

– The timing of the dreams took place within 3 months in advance of the event.

– ‘Work’ linked to a crime at the entrance of 1 in 4 of blocks – specifically Block B matched with the forensic work.

– My front door entrance, which I never use, was seen as being problematic to access and was a direct match.

– Residents from the ground floor had to use other people’s doors to enter the building.

– There were people present who I did not believe lived there.

– I dream of crime several times a month, but rarely of my street.

– I regularly dream of the future, having been shown the London and Manchester attacks in 2017, the Russian invasion, and many other events in my own and indeed in others’ lives.

It would have been even more fruitful to also dream of:

– To dream the name of the victim

– To dream of the types of weapons used

Overall, the timing, and the multiple unusual details such as the specific entrances, limited access to buildings, the forensics team, my door, the inclusion of neighbours, frustration, and a friendly black skinned man, lead me to believe that the dream was most likely prophetic. No details have emerged about the perpetrators.

Whilst I often dream of crime, and the area is fairly prone to it, I think that the multiple matches supersede this, alongside my track record of seeing the future in dreams.

Let’s dream the future together and make a better world!

If you want to wake up, go to sleep.

Thanks for reading.

Dan Taylor (aka Dream Prophecies)

You can follow me on Instagram @Dream_Prophecies and visit my website in the link in the comments.


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