Dreaming Our Way to Love

Hello Dreamers!

Dream droughts can be our psyche’s way of telling us to look inwards and to change something. We can choose to allow ourselves to heal, and to actively pursue this path, and, as a result, new energies and people can enter our lives.

Over the past three months, I have experienced more healing than I have in a long time, thanks in part to a period of fewer dreams than usual that brought me to healing. This involved a multifaceted approach to consciousness; including the conscious use of dreams for healing, blue lotus induced visions, living lucidly enough to recognise omens – but not getting lost in them, and incorporating a very high degree of honesty with myself. My dreams essentially told me: you aren’t getting anything until you focus more on YOU! So, I committed to healing – and you can too.

If we are not in tune with our inner-selves our egos can take over and we can fall away from this magical world into what I call a wake-walking daze. Only when we begin to look inwards and accept the need to change some aspect of our life can we clamber back out and allow the dreams to flow again.

‘Upon his death, a man passes from the terrestrial and visible realm of the Unseen and the Kingdom, and is no longer to be beheld with the physical eye, but rather with an eye which is apart. This eye has been created within the heart of everyone. Man, however, draws over it a thick covering composed of his desires and his worldly activities, so that he becomes unable to perceive with it anything of the Kingdom.” (al-Ghazali [translation by Winter 1989] pp149-150).

Seeing the extraordinary can be as if God or the universe has drawn back a curtain to give us a small glimpse of heaven. This can often happen when we are struggling. Some of us may experience extraordinary dreams of the future, shared dreams, or telepathic experiences. Others may experience seeing angel numbers, omens, and other wonderful synchronicities. Occasionally, they can come to show us that we are on the right path and can relate to dreams to give us a nod of approval.

By incorporating crystals and chakras into my practise, my dreams were able to convey complex information in very simple forms, that allowed for me to understand my own behaviours that I was previously unaware of and to demonstrate exactly how they impacted my life. It shows that by expanding our knowledge base, our dreams can be given short cuts to bring us to deeper understandings about ourselves and others. We can expand our dream code.

When I focussed consciously on healing through ceremony and dance, I was able to heal a relationship with a relative. A vision of this family member’s face looking at me with so much love, appeared on a stranger’s face. My dreams responded to this and, through the use of colour, explained which chakras I must work on – green and red – my heart and root chakras.

Once I worked on these aspects of myself, I felt ready to welcome and send love again. I asked the universe to bring me my soul mate – and then I was flooded with angel numbers and synchronicities that were so blatant and repetitive that it was comical.

By working on loving ourselves through healing and taking care of our physical and mental states, we can open the door to the truly extraordinary – I am not talking about shared dreams, omens, or seeing the future; I am talking about LOVE.

Thanks for reading!

Daniel, aka Dream Prophecies

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