Interpreting Dreams Inside Dreams

Hello Dreamers!

For most of us, when we see the ‘future’ from our dreams unravelling in the present waking world it always feels like a revelation, even to some of the most seasoned prophetic dreamers. Yet, is it more of a revelation than if we were to see the past in our dreams? If we are to see the future in a dream from a previous dream; should it not be considered just as valuable as one that materialises in the waking world – as all our dreams should, no doubt, be perceived?

There have been a few occasions in a dream where I am living the unravelling future of a past dream. Dream symbols from another dream take shape and I become aware that the ‘future’ is ‘now’ inside the dream. I have even pointed this out to other dream characters and told them what will happen next – but the point is, we do not really need to prove these things to others. Do we need to show others that we saw the future as much as we need to convince them that we dreamed of the past?

I believe that life – whether we are in the waking state or other states – is a revelation in itself, and we should always be amazed at the world around us as if we were to see the future from dreams unravelling in the waking world.

What a blessing it is to be alive.

God(s) bless,

Daniel aka Dream Prophecies – If you want to wake up – go to sleep



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