Predicting 9/11 and Our Dance with Consciousness

If we could successfully pick out the predictive dream coins from our treasure chest of dreams, could the 9-11 atrocities and other such disasters have been prevented? Did many people foresee the events of that day or was what they claimed to have seen in such visions false, overexaggerated, or a product of a mind yearning to see patterns in a chaotic world?

Most of us have heard a great deal of information online that claims many television programs and films such as The Simpsons, Back to the Future I+II, Super Mario Brothers, and Escape from New York, and other such media ‘predicted’ 9-11. Oftentimes, the formulators of these claims seem to bend over backwards in attempts to make information ‘match’. The Back to the Future films are for example claimed to have predicted 9/11 through references to supposed Islamic terrorists in a carpark, the numbers 911 (or in this case 116 turned upside down), and twin pine trees that are said to symbolise the towers because of an image of the twin towers that is shown on a television screen immediately after they appear.

It is inevitable that the date September 11th will somehow crop up in films, television shows, art or books, just as any other date could, and this number is made more likely to appear in US media because its association with 9-1-1 emergency calls. Not only is the date something that could come up by chance, but the events themselves were not at the time entirely unpredictable. The idea of crashing planes into a building was not necessarily an original idea. An al-Qaeda plot to fly planes into the Eiffel Tower was uncovered by the FBI in 1996, so it should be no surprise that the tallest buildings in the world that represented US capitalist power should be targeted, as it had been already in 1993. That being said, there have been a range of predictions that have superseded these rather vague matches.

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A much more literal prediction occurred in the pilot episode of The X-Files spin-off show, The Lone Gunmen, which appeared on television screens on March 4th 2001 – nearly 4 months before the 9-11 attacks. In the episode, a shady syndicate of men who wanted to start endless wars in the Middle East, turned packed passenger jets into drones and attempted to fly them into the Twin Towers. Just as the plane is about to crash into the top of the Tower, the drone device is hacked, and the plane pulls up and flies over the World Trade Centre at the last minute (see video link).

Many others also claimed to have foreseen the events. Actor, Sir Michael Caine, claims to have seen the attacks in a dream before they occurred. He had started to write it into the novel he was working on at the time when the news came on television. He is not alone. The American Society for Psychical Research has compiled a database of scores of premonitory dreams about 9-11. In the book, Messages: Signs, Visits and Premonitions from Loved Ones Lost on 9/11, by Bonnie McEneaney, a relative of one of one the victims lost in the disaster, it is claimed that many who died in the attacks had premonitions of the event. Other stories include that of Barrett Naylor, a Wall Street banker who avoided the 1993 World Trade Centre bombings after an inner voice told him to turn around and go home, whilst the wife of another victim had a dream that something bad was going to happen that day, and that she would head into the light. Indeed, in Osama bin Laden’s audio diaries he explains that he was passed dreams by people unaware of his plot, that seemingly predicted the attacks. He was even worried that the plot would be given away due to such dreams!

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One of the most remarkable predictions came in the dreams of former art lecturer, David Mandell, who foresaw the 9-11 attacks. He photographed his drawings of the attacks in a bank with the date, September 11th 1996, in the background. The same dream recurred half a year later. 9 months after, he dreamt of 2 planes flying into buildings. He photographed and dated these drawings too. David’s premonitions often showed him images that he later matched to newspapers.

I have already spoken of British engineer John W. Dunne who had a variety of dream premonitions that came to fruition in waking life. He dreamed of the derailment of the Flying Scotsman, the eruption of Mount Pelee on Martinique, and a variety of other disasters. He hoped that such events could be averted using our dreams but believed it to be a near impossible task.

J. W. Dunne stated in his book, An Experiment with Time, that: ‘ …[man] must – owing to the unity of the network thus formed in himself and the ability of his attention to range over that network’s full extent- contain in himself a distinct personification of all genealogically connected conscious life – a Synthetic Observer… [in a] tree of which we are branches… in the Superbody… and of [all minds in the Master-mind].’ (pp. 194-196).

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His view seems to coincide with my own experiences. Personally, and like many others, I have had dreams that match newspapers and media that I read in the future. I have also experienced the points of consciousness of others as attacks occur, as well as witnessing events from other points of view, including police coming across crime scenes. I believe that there must be some kind of intelligence that guides our lives; what is it that selects the points of consciousness that we experience in our dreams?

Although there are a lot of individuals that believe our dreams could never change the future, the anecdotal evidence of individuals avoiding death due to their own dreams suggests that perhaps our night-time visions could be used collectively to mitigate against sudden tragic losses of life such as on 911. That is why, like the former British Premonitions Bureau, I have setup the International Premonitions Bureau in an attempt to explore this area of collective dream interpretation – feel free to join! If only we could find a way to interpret such dreams with a greater degree of accuracy every time so that such warnings could be taken more seriously by those in positions of power!

R.I.P. All victims of 9-11 and the wars that followed.

God(s) Bless,

Daniel, aka, Dream Prophecies

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