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What’s Normal Anyway?

Hello Dreamers,

Lucid dreaming was once a topic that was considered quite ‘out there’ and resultantly those that practised it were prone to ridicule from society. Thanks to collaborative efforts between dreamers, scientists, psychologists, philosophers, artists, writers and other thinkers, lucid dreamers now appear on mainstream television, are popular online, and their books on the topic sell well internationally.

In line with the Western rationalist tradition, such ideas eventually gained society’s official stamp of approval after important scientific research confirmed its existence to those who were more comfortable not believing things that appeared outside of their safe mental-box parameters.

‘Normal’ is simply a word that describes what is acceptable to any given society at any given time and place. Originating from the Latin word normalis, which means ‘made according to a carpenter’s square,’ it later went on to mean ‘according to a rule,’ and eventually the word was to denote something that was ‘regular’ or ‘conforming to common standards or [an] established order or usage.’

Once an aspect from outside this box (or carpenter’s square) is fully incorporated into a society’s belief system, it can become ‘common sense’ – “Everyone knows that!”

There are many aspects of ‘paranormal’ dreaming that have gained greater traction in society over recent years. Scientists are beginning to take premonitory dreams seriously and soon perhaps a range of other less ‘ordinary’ elements of dreaming will also be considered ‘normal.’

That is why I am creating a new show that will focus on such elements!

In the show I and others will talk about:
• The Missing and the Dead in Dreams
• Shared Dreams
• Telepathic Dreams
• Premonitory Dreams and Time
• Apparitions linked to Dreams
• Omens and Synchronicities
• Aspects of Consciousness

Please click the link above to watch my new show’s trailer – if you enjoy it, like and subscribe to my channel!

Hope everyone has an amazing month of dreams ahead.

God(s) bless,
Dan aka Dream Prophecies

If you want to wake up, go to sleep


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