REVIEW: Don Juan and the Art of Dreaming

Working in academia allowed me to view first hand how many people in this world can be more concerned about their careers than in helping to improve the lot of humanity. This can be seen clearly in how ideas can be stifled through having to concern ourselves so strictly to the referencing system, that whilst [...]


REVIEW: Dreaming and the Secrets of the Incas

Michael Peter Langevin's book about his learning and experiences in Peru shows us how dreaming has become a lost art in the 'civilised' West. His book, Secrets of the Incas - A Modern Approach to Ancient Ritual and Practice, demonstrates that history has not been kind to dreamers, but that we as dreamers have immense [...]

Have you been having similar dreams?

Here I outline a series of strange dreams that I've experienced and give my own interpretations of what I think they mean. i) Invited to New York for flight. It was a British Airways plane. Then I am somewhere else watching nuclear explosion on television. Explosion is linked to the plane. I assume the explosion [...]