An Unusual Dream, an Unusual Finding (Part 1)

A series of dark dreams have led me to some unusual places to discover potential crime scenes. Yet, there is always a shadow of doubt about a crime having been committed as I have only found circumstancial, but seemingly strong pieces of evidence when my dreams are also considered. Here I outline a dream I [...]

NEWS: U.S. Pastor Correctly Predicts Through Dream Significant Meteor Strike in Michigan?

A preacher in Downriver, Michigan, claims to have correctly prophecised a major meteor would impact the Great Lakes region. Rick Satterfield, described in a Youtube video how he had received a dream that foretold him of an impact from space that would shake Ohio and Canada. "I had a dream that a meteor was [...]

NEWS: Boy Dreams of Death in Fiery Inferno & Dies in Blaze Weeks Later

A young boy had a premonition of his death in a fire, only to be tragically killed in an arson attack weeks later. One night after waking up from a nightmare, Brandon Pearson, aged 8, shouted: "Mum, I'm dying, I'm on fire!" After the family were constantly harassed by groups of youths, Brandon would ask [...]

REVIEW: Don Juan and the Art of Dreaming

Working in academia allowed me to view first hand how many people in this world can be more concerned about their careers than in helping to improve the lot of humanity. This can be seen clearly in how ideas can be stifled through having to concern ourselves so strictly to the referencing system, that whilst [...]